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Monday, 5 December 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #10

Fulham F.C vs Liverpool F.C

English Premier League

Location: Craven Cottage
Status: Full time
Result: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool
Fulham: Dempsey
Liverpool: N/A

An unexpected loss of the bigger team, and a great display from both sides. Referee's decisions planned out the game for Liverpool, with a arguable straight red card for Jay Spearing.

Match Analysis:

Liverpool started with Carrol, and without Rodriguez and Carragher as the only changes to the team. Fulham went in with probably what their full force looked like. It was a surprise to see Maxi not on the team, having scored the winner against Chelsea not so long ago.

The first half was mainly Liverpool's game of possession. Tries came after tries with Fulham having their best chance early saved by Reina, and Liverpool having Henderson's try rebounding off the inside of the post.

The second half was packed with more action as well as a better play from Fulham. The game decider probably came when Jay Spearing was given a straight red card after a dangerous tackle rated by the referee. It wasn't actually a red card to give, a yellow card is at most because Spearing managed to get the ball, but accidentally caught the man in his follow-up. Liverpool survived with counter-attacks after that, but was destroyed by Dempsey's point-blanc rebound shot after a save from Reina.

It was a fairly fought game, and if it wasnt for the red card, Liverpool could have got the advantage. Well played by both teams. A series of blames of match fixing shall follow, but I doubt anything will change the result. Liverpool is still on the road to recovery as well as Manchester United and Chelsea, and maybe they still can come back from this loss.


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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #9

Chelsea F.C vs Liverpool F.C

Carling Cup Quarter Finals

Location: Stamford Bridge
Status: Full time
Result: Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool
Chelsea: N/a
Liverpool: Maxi Rodriguez, Kelly

Terrific Liverpool display without Suarez and Kuyt, out for Chelsea from the League Cup.

Match Analysis:

Both teams had major changes to the team. Cech, Suarez, Kuyt, Skrtel, Drogba and a few others didnt come out as expected. Liverpools head was leaded by Carrol, with backup from Henderson and Bellamy as well as Rodriguez. Spearing was present along with fellow youngsters Kelly and Coates. Carragher is the main defence man, and Reina starts as usual.

First half was tight and filled with interceptions and tackles. Liverpool's biggest chance came with a penalty taken by Carrol but was saved comfortably. Chelsea's was Lukaku's header gone wide sailing across the goal.

Second half was more intense. I dont know for sure, but I believed it was Chelsea's stamina that brought them down. Bellamy's great run onside finished with a one on one Maxi with the keeper- just brilliant. Not too late after that a freekick from the side of the box, also taken by Bellamy, was converted with a header by an unmarked Kelly. Chelsea's best chance was a free run by Anelka, but was thwarted by quick defending and a quick thinking, off-his-line Reina.

Overall, Liverpool deserved a win, though dissapointing for Chelsea fans. They lost once more against Liverpool, home and away. Liverpool are on for the last four.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #8

Liverpool F.C VS Manchester City

Barclay's Premier League

Location: Anfield
Status: Full time
Result: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City
Liverpool F.C: O.G Lescott
Manchester City: Vincent Kompany

A red card for Ballotelli as well as a clinging performance by City.

Match Analysis:

An exciting kickoff. Both teams were set to defensive much to City fans' surprise. Dzeko and Ballotelli did not start, but Nasri, Aguero and Silva were given a place to start up City's attacks. Liverpool once again left Carrol on the bench with Bellamy withdrawn after the devastating death of Gary Speed. May his soul rest in peace. Kuyt was given an opportunity to start with Suarez, and all new signings were given a chance such as Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam. Lucas is also already a first team regular.

The game started with Liverpool attacking alot. Both teams constantly had men behind the ball, rendering counter attacks by City to ashes that ended up only with shots on target. Aguero got a run but a rushing Reina way out his box saved the day. City got the first goal through a corner that ended up on Vincent Kompany's head due to slack defending by Johnson and Kuyt. Liverpool didnt take long to respond with a wayward shot by Adam, which was steered into his own net by Lescott in an attempt to clear the ball out. No more was seen of both teams except a few tries that ended up nowhere.

After half time, Liverpool started to control the ball after a series of attack by City early in the second half. Runs from Enrique, Adam and Suarez always ended up with dismay. Suarez was again the man to watch by almost scoring twice. Reina did his runs as well. Joe Hart did a brilliant job as a goalkeeper, saving tons of tries from the home team. Ballotelli and Dzeko was then brought on. Ballotelli got 2 yellow cards for tugging and pushing: an addition to Mancini's already brewing anger. The match ended after a series of Liverpool tries as well as a saved Carrol header destined for goal. It was a deserved draw for Liverpool, and a half upset for City.

The Babbler.

Harimau Malaya Updates #3

Malaysia VS Bahrain

Olympics Qualifiers

Stadium Bukit Jalil

Match ended 3-2 to Bahrain's favour.

Match Analysis:

Bad game for Malaysians. To think they threw away a 2-0 lead.. horrible.

First half was a Malaysian half. They attacked alot and came up with one long ranged goal by 17-year old Nazmi. Beautiful goal. Malaysia dominated possession and of course looked like the better team.

Second half was opened also by the Malaysian team. They fought to get another goal through Mahali due to a goalkeeper slip-up. However, later in the game, Bahrain went on to win with 3 goals in 6 minutes. Unbelievable. Malaysia threw away possession, to let go for a bicycle kick, a freekick as well as a low kick to reach the net.

Bad game for Malaysians. The stadium was quiet, obviously showing disappointment.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Harimau Malaya Updates #2

Malaysia VS Syria

Match ended 2-0 to Syria's favour :0

It was a terrible upset at home. Malaysia got owned bad, due to poor defence and possession as well as a too rushing play. Very dissapointed with Fakri and Thamil Arasu's performance.

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