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Monday, 5 December 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #10

Fulham F.C vs Liverpool F.C

English Premier League

Location: Craven Cottage
Status: Full time
Result: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool
Fulham: Dempsey
Liverpool: N/A

An unexpected loss of the bigger team, and a great display from both sides. Referee's decisions planned out the game for Liverpool, with a arguable straight red card for Jay Spearing.

Match Analysis:

Liverpool started with Carrol, and without Rodriguez and Carragher as the only changes to the team. Fulham went in with probably what their full force looked like. It was a surprise to see Maxi not on the team, having scored the winner against Chelsea not so long ago.

The first half was mainly Liverpool's game of possession. Tries came after tries with Fulham having their best chance early saved by Reina, and Liverpool having Henderson's try rebounding off the inside of the post.

The second half was packed with more action as well as a better play from Fulham. The game decider probably came when Jay Spearing was given a straight red card after a dangerous tackle rated by the referee. It wasn't actually a red card to give, a yellow card is at most because Spearing managed to get the ball, but accidentally caught the man in his follow-up. Liverpool survived with counter-attacks after that, but was destroyed by Dempsey's point-blanc rebound shot after a save from Reina.

It was a fairly fought game, and if it wasnt for the red card, Liverpool could have got the advantage. Well played by both teams. A series of blames of match fixing shall follow, but I doubt anything will change the result. Liverpool is still on the road to recovery as well as Manchester United and Chelsea, and maybe they still can come back from this loss.


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