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Monday, 5 December 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #10

Fulham F.C vs Liverpool F.C

English Premier League

Location: Craven Cottage
Status: Full time
Result: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool
Fulham: Dempsey
Liverpool: N/A

An unexpected loss of the bigger team, and a great display from both sides. Referee's decisions planned out the game for Liverpool, with a arguable straight red card for Jay Spearing.

Match Analysis:

Liverpool started with Carrol, and without Rodriguez and Carragher as the only changes to the team. Fulham went in with probably what their full force looked like. It was a surprise to see Maxi not on the team, having scored the winner against Chelsea not so long ago.

The first half was mainly Liverpool's game of possession. Tries came after tries with Fulham having their best chance early saved by Reina, and Liverpool having Henderson's try rebounding off the inside of the post.

The second half was packed with more action as well as a better play from Fulham. The game decider probably came when Jay Spearing was given a straight red card after a dangerous tackle rated by the referee. It wasn't actually a red card to give, a yellow card is at most because Spearing managed to get the ball, but accidentally caught the man in his follow-up. Liverpool survived with counter-attacks after that, but was destroyed by Dempsey's point-blanc rebound shot after a save from Reina.

It was a fairly fought game, and if it wasnt for the red card, Liverpool could have got the advantage. Well played by both teams. A series of blames of match fixing shall follow, but I doubt anything will change the result. Liverpool is still on the road to recovery as well as Manchester United and Chelsea, and maybe they still can come back from this loss.


The Babbler.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #9

Chelsea F.C vs Liverpool F.C

Carling Cup Quarter Finals

Location: Stamford Bridge
Status: Full time
Result: Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool
Chelsea: N/a
Liverpool: Maxi Rodriguez, Kelly

Terrific Liverpool display without Suarez and Kuyt, out for Chelsea from the League Cup.

Match Analysis:

Both teams had major changes to the team. Cech, Suarez, Kuyt, Skrtel, Drogba and a few others didnt come out as expected. Liverpools head was leaded by Carrol, with backup from Henderson and Bellamy as well as Rodriguez. Spearing was present along with fellow youngsters Kelly and Coates. Carragher is the main defence man, and Reina starts as usual.

First half was tight and filled with interceptions and tackles. Liverpool's biggest chance came with a penalty taken by Carrol but was saved comfortably. Chelsea's was Lukaku's header gone wide sailing across the goal.

Second half was more intense. I dont know for sure, but I believed it was Chelsea's stamina that brought them down. Bellamy's great run onside finished with a one on one Maxi with the keeper- just brilliant. Not too late after that a freekick from the side of the box, also taken by Bellamy, was converted with a header by an unmarked Kelly. Chelsea's best chance was a free run by Anelka, but was thwarted by quick defending and a quick thinking, off-his-line Reina.

Overall, Liverpool deserved a win, though dissapointing for Chelsea fans. They lost once more against Liverpool, home and away. Liverpool are on for the last four.

Prepared by
The Babbler.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #8

Liverpool F.C VS Manchester City

Barclay's Premier League

Location: Anfield
Status: Full time
Result: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City
Liverpool F.C: O.G Lescott
Manchester City: Vincent Kompany

A red card for Ballotelli as well as a clinging performance by City.

Match Analysis:

An exciting kickoff. Both teams were set to defensive much to City fans' surprise. Dzeko and Ballotelli did not start, but Nasri, Aguero and Silva were given a place to start up City's attacks. Liverpool once again left Carrol on the bench with Bellamy withdrawn after the devastating death of Gary Speed. May his soul rest in peace. Kuyt was given an opportunity to start with Suarez, and all new signings were given a chance such as Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam. Lucas is also already a first team regular.

The game started with Liverpool attacking alot. Both teams constantly had men behind the ball, rendering counter attacks by City to ashes that ended up only with shots on target. Aguero got a run but a rushing Reina way out his box saved the day. City got the first goal through a corner that ended up on Vincent Kompany's head due to slack defending by Johnson and Kuyt. Liverpool didnt take long to respond with a wayward shot by Adam, which was steered into his own net by Lescott in an attempt to clear the ball out. No more was seen of both teams except a few tries that ended up nowhere.

After half time, Liverpool started to control the ball after a series of attack by City early in the second half. Runs from Enrique, Adam and Suarez always ended up with dismay. Suarez was again the man to watch by almost scoring twice. Reina did his runs as well. Joe Hart did a brilliant job as a goalkeeper, saving tons of tries from the home team. Ballotelli and Dzeko was then brought on. Ballotelli got 2 yellow cards for tugging and pushing: an addition to Mancini's already brewing anger. The match ended after a series of Liverpool tries as well as a saved Carrol header destined for goal. It was a deserved draw for Liverpool, and a half upset for City.

The Babbler.

Harimau Malaya Updates #3

Malaysia VS Bahrain

Olympics Qualifiers

Stadium Bukit Jalil

Match ended 3-2 to Bahrain's favour.

Match Analysis:

Bad game for Malaysians. To think they threw away a 2-0 lead.. horrible.

First half was a Malaysian half. They attacked alot and came up with one long ranged goal by 17-year old Nazmi. Beautiful goal. Malaysia dominated possession and of course looked like the better team.

Second half was opened also by the Malaysian team. They fought to get another goal through Mahali due to a goalkeeper slip-up. However, later in the game, Bahrain went on to win with 3 goals in 6 minutes. Unbelievable. Malaysia threw away possession, to let go for a bicycle kick, a freekick as well as a low kick to reach the net.

Bad game for Malaysians. The stadium was quiet, obviously showing disappointment.

The Babbler.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Harimau Malaya Updates #2

Malaysia VS Syria

Match ended 2-0 to Syria's favour :0

It was a terrible upset at home. Malaysia got owned bad, due to poor defence and possession as well as a too rushing play. Very dissapointed with Fakri and Thamil Arasu's performance.

The Babbler.



Restarted and back online! Follow me! XD

The Babbler


I succesfully made up a tumblr page. Go on and follow it. Next: Reestablish me Twitter.

The Babbler.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fingerboard Updates #1

Good news!

Me and my friend are going to open a fingerboard brand that offers custom graphics. Just send your pictures (not too complicated please) and well try to paint and nail polish it onto your board! Coming soon! :)

The Babbler.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Harimau Muda Updates #1

Win!! The SEA Games football medal is ours!!

Malaysia VS Indonesia

Venue: Jakarta

Match ended 1-1 after extra time, Malaysia win on penalties 4-3.

Malaysia: Asraruddin
Indonesia: Gunawan

Match Analysis:

First half was a domination by Indonesia. Their first and only goal was at the 5th minute mark with a corner ended with a header. A slack manmarking error allowed for such an easy goal. Asraruddin hit back with a very, very low header to score through 2 defenders. Beautiful goal indeed. Malaysia fought well during the second half of the first half.

Second half was opened with Indonesia attacking relentlessly through Bonai and Octo. Fakri wasted some chances but managed to hit a few shots on target. Irfan was also a man to watch. The half was filled with tries, but no goals were produced.

Extra time was also uneventful with major chances for Indonesia. Many crams and rolling on the floor: Usual for men fighting for 120 minutes.

Penalties were extremely nervewrecking. First a post miss by Indonesia, followed by a saved shot of Fakri. The tiebreaker was a save from Khairul Fahmi, and a shot almost saved from Baddrol Bakhtiar, captain of Harimau Muda.

Fighting till the end, very competitive match. Frustated to see Indonesian fans disrespecting the Negaraku anthem by using blowhorns: though silenced during the prize awarding ceremony. Good and well deserved win for Malaysia. Indonesia depended on one man skill, though Malaysia's beautiful passing and teamwork game got the better of them. Tahniah, Harimau Muda, Tahniah Baddrol, Tahniah Khairul, Tahniah Ong Kim Swee. Tahniah.

The Babbler.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Liverpool F.C. Updates #7

Yes, Ive changed the title. More suitable.

Chelsea F.C VS Liverpool F.C

Match ended 2-1 to Liverpool's favour :D

Liverpool F.C: Maxi Rodriguez, Johnson
Chelsea: Sturridge

Match Analysis:

Attacking Liverpool and a disoriented Chelsea on the first half. Liverpool fought hard with through passes and brilliant runs from Bellamy and Suarez as the frontmen, and managed to score the first goal of the match after the crowd was tricked of seeing Drogba scoring a goal from a freekick. It was narrowly out, but Reina saw it all the way. An unselfish Suarez passed the ball to Bellamy for a shot, but instead fooled the home defence with a shadowing Rodriguez on the left side. He cooly slotted the ball home for his squad to lead.

The second half was more of the opposite. Liverpool were mostly chasing the ball all the time with Chelsea pressing on and on for an equaliser. Substitute Sturridge went on to score from a cross with his feet. Liverpool didnt come back after some time but the turning point was when Reina saved a very close header. Downing went on to replace Bellamy and he played fluently with Henderson to press on some attack. A side change allowed Johnson to go solo and slice through the middle of the box, kicking the winner in the net. Cech had no chance.

Brilliant game, and a suspected win for Liverpool. :)

Next up: Photography Session #1 and a special article on Malaysian Indian Muslim hawkers!

The Babbler.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Information Updates of The World #6

Liverpool F.C VS Swansea

Match ended 0-0

Scorers: None

Match Analysis:

Uneventful yet an interesting match to watch. Liverpool was saved from humiliation by Reina twice, and Swansea themselves saved by their goalkeeper, tons of times. Shots from Suarez and Adam all went to vain. The highlight was Liverpool's 11th woodwork hit thanks to an Andy Carrol. Defienetely should have scored. Liverpool should have won.

The Babbler

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Liverpool won 2-0. Beautiful game.

Special Information Updates of The World #3

Two big news:

a) Negri Sembilan won the Malaysia Cup. Woot!
b) Carrol scored. <-- Big news.

First things first:

Malaysia Cup Finals

Negeri Sembilan VS Terengganu

Match ended 2-1 to Negri's favour.

Negeri: Kunalan, Hairuddin Omar
Terengganu: Ashaari

Match Analysis:

It was a match fought hard. The first half was fairly uneventful, with probably more possession of the ball to Negri. The men in yellow played fluently, mimicking Barcelona's play in their own style. Terengganu tried hard and managed to get thru with a few through passes, but shots went wide.

Second half was far more interesting. Terengganu actually scored first with a beautiful through pass for Ashaari to put past the Negeri Sembilan goalkeeper. Negeri came back with a goal from Kunalan, a few feet away from the middle line, all the way through the hands of Sharbinee. Probably due to the rainy season, the field looked wet, thus the ball slippery. It was a hard mistake by the T-Team goalkeeper. Hai-O went on to score the winner in the last minutes of the game, through a wonderful scissor style
shot from a cross by Shukor.

It was a well deserved win for the men in yellow. Congratulations.

Hairuddin Omar got the title Best Player of The Malaysia Cup.

Second news: Carrol.

Liverpool F.C VS West Bromwich Albion

Half time report:

2-0 to Liverpool F.C's favour

Liverpool F.C: Charlie Adam (P), Andy Carrol**
West Brom: None

Match analysis (First half):

Unlike the final Malaysia Cup match, it was a very vigorous first half. Liverpool started the match with a flurry of attacks, wave by wave. West Brom put up a good fight through Odemwingie, but to no avail. Suarez, was brought down in the penalty box and thus Liverpool was given a very controversial penalty. Adam converted with no problems. Minutes later a supposed handball by one of the West Brom defender in the box was not seen: but I think this makes up to the bogey penalty earlier. :P An interception by Lucas got the ball towards Suarez who then lobbed the ball forward for a free running Carrol, merely touching the ball ever so slightly to score his second premier league goal. He is lucky to have touched the ball, but it is a goal nevertheless.

Good games by both my supported teams. May Liverpool go on forward to win the match.

The Babbler~

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Game Reviews of The World #1

Gunz Online

This Ijji game did not fail my expectations, but maybe because I already expected lowly of this game. From screenshots and videos, this game was kinda dull, boring, with a lot of acrobatic jumps and rolls. Well, I was wrong mostly, and this game was not that boring to begin with.

Gameplay is basically the deathmatch type, the "reset score after each match" type, although the level and money of a player is carried on forever, kills arent recorded after each match. There are two types of gameplay -Deathmatch, varying from single or team deathmatch, and -Quest, in which you have to kill lots of orcs, goblins and trolls, co-oping with other players. After reaching level 6, I played in 3 maps- and those maps were the only ones available. Now, the fight. Basically, its just like playing any FPS game, except that its in third person. The crosshair is still there though you wouldnt be using it much, because of the random shooting you would be doing. Double clicking a direction button -AWSD would cause you to make an acrobatic move towards that direction, enabling you to shoot and avoid bullets at the same time. This actually makes the game laggy and chaotic, seeing everyone jumping here and there. You can also actually run on walls and jump off walls too. After playing for about 4 sessions, I got kinda bored and moved on to another game XD. The game still intrigues me to play, but very rarely. Glitches... Tons of them. Just wiki it. Youll find ALOT of glitches, all can be used to benefit the player. As I said, random shooting would result in you killing another player with a headshot sometimes.

The graphics in this game was not bad, nor was it good. Improvement is necessary to attract more serious gamers to try out these games.

Weapons and armor
You start with a default character, wearing a singlet (male- I dunno about the females) and some trackbottoms. No shoes. You can start with either 2 uzis, single uzi and a pistol, 2 pistols (Modern), 2 pistols (Traditional), 1 pistol of each type, all accompanied by either a katana (Uzis) or a dagger (pistols). Being a RPG style game, one can purchase better weapons and armor. After playing 4 sessions, I managed to buy a shotgun and rifle. The shotgun was quite lame in my opinion, speed is essential, and the shotgun fails big time. The rifle was more accurate than the uzis, therefore I paired them both. One can equip 2 weapons and a melee weapon. Money is easy to make, if you know how to really jump and shoot at the same time.

The starting menu was easy and straightforward- simples stuff for newbies. Very easy to navigate, very helpful, quite nice, not bad for a RPG menu. A little bit dull, but nice overall.


Overall, everything was quite ok. Not too bad, not too good, more 50/50. I love the ways one can jump around, but hate the fact that it was glitchy, laggy and chaotic. Maybe by making the maximum players per game a little lower, this can all be fixed. Nice try by Ijji, looking forward to review more games from them. Bet on it.

I would reccomend new players to choose the double Uzi- makes it easier for one to shoot and have some ammo ready for fighting. This game is REALLY easy to master, once you have ok-ok hand eye coordination. Jumping around makes you half invincible, but still open to damage once you start to land. I would reccomend this game to everyone. Pro to Noobs, all can play this game, and this could actually be a platform for one to jump into the wide range of FPS games in the world.

Monday, 24 October 2011

300 viewers!

We reached the 300th viewer count! Thank you to all those who visited. Again, have a nice holiday!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali to all those who celebrate it. :D
Have a happy holiday to all.

Information Updates of The World #5

I didnt have the chance to watch this.

Liverpool F.C vs Norwich

Match ended 1-1

Goal scorers:
Liverpool: Craig Bellamy
Norwich: Holt

No match analysis.. check out the sports websites for more info.

Social Updates of The World #5

A visit to the Pavilion, Bukit Bintang.

Since my school offered a week long holiday for the Deepavali celebrations, me and my family went off to probably the country's most prestigious mall- The Pavilion. Expecting to see Deepa sales, we were instead greeted with Haloween celebrations.

We first headed out to dine at the Food Republic food court. Tell you what. They serve the best kuey teow goreng and oyster omelettes there. Go taste it.

Shopping was mandatory. It IS a mall, after all. Clothes and other items, all branded, are sold everywhere in many shops. Pricy, but satisfying.

The surau was great, with a beautiful design and very cozy actually. Just the hallway towards the surau was kinda unfriendly and narrow.

Tokyo Street, located at the highest level of the mall, was our highlight of the day. For a while there, we felt as if we were back in Tokyo the last time we went there for a holiday. Very creative, and very nice. The best shop was of course, Daiso, the only shop in Malaysia which sells everything at the price of RM5. From Trucker caps to dog diapers, it is all under the same price. Some are really worth it such as my hand grip exercise tool, but some like pencils, are not worth RM5. So, be thrifty.

On the way to the carpark, we saw this very interesting kolam. It was made by a group of university students but I couldnt remember which. At the first glance it looked horrible- I dubbed it unfinished, but after looking at the instructions provided- I realised that it was a 3D kolam! Haha. I shouldnt have judged the book by its cover. Heres a picture of it.

Anyways, had a wonderful time at the center. Visit there once you have the chance. :D

The Babbler.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Special Information Updates of The World #2

The rival battles: Liverpool VS Manchester United

Liverpool F.C VS Manchester United

Match ended 1-1.

Liverpool: Steven Gerrard
Manchester United: Hernandez (Chicharito)

Match Analysis:

Close match. REALLY close.

First half was very tied. Liverpool mostly dominated, but Manchester United managed to steal a few chances. A penalty should have been given for a handball against United, but was not looked upon by the ref.

Second half was a whole different story. Reina was given an early challenge, but was saved although not cleanly. A freekick following the fouling of Charlie Adam with the slightest of touches was converted into a wondergoal by Steven Gerrard, his first goal after his long injury setback. Hernandez however, drew the teams up through a corner after coming of the bench. It was a fair match, but Liverpool deserved a win for their efforts. Salutes for De Gea as well for saving an amazing shot by Adam, as well as other tries.

Almost a win. Almost.

The Babbler

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Paper M1 Garand

Check this out! My lil brother made this up himself with the help of Youtube using paper and tape as his materials. Looks nice, plus it has a pull to reload system too! Nice work bro! Just need to find a better way to shoot than blowing into it. :P

More pics at my Facebook: Anwar Da Babbler Aminuddin.

The Babbler

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The controversial video. Cant see why though. But its FTW!

Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang

Okay guys, Ive got it up and finished. May this review slash article be helpful to you, especially for those readying up for a holiday!

Golden Palm Tree Resort

The name fits the resort well. Literally! The resort, set at the Sepang beach, is actually made up of houses supported by columns in the sea, while forming a picture of a palm tree from a birds-eye view. Sounds fascinating? Check out whats inside!

The drive from KL took 1 hours 30 minutes. When we reached there, the beautiful beach view was already beckoning us in. We hurried to the reception counter, and was informed that the parking lot was quite far from the counter itself. This is kinda inconvenient, but to cover it, the hotel offers a 24 hour van service for transport between the car park and the counter. Pretty soon, we got into our rooms.

We were brought in a buggy, driven by hospitality. The kind bellboy did well in his job. He deserved the tip. :) We were greeted by the scent of Nipah I believe, that makes up the roof of our rooms. Made up for 4 people, it was comfortable and really cozy. The TV service was awesome!! Get a surprise when you open it. A specially made message will greet your leisure time.

The view was spectacular. The beaches, the sea. Breathtaking.

The swimming pool was also nice, but too shallow for me at 1.6m. But heck, Im a swimmer. That deep is ideal for leisure swims. You can see the mountains of Indonesia from there! Just a "Selat" away!

The food was quite to hotel standards. The usual breakfast, and usual room service dinner. It was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Its not a wonder to hear that the hotel has a 5-star rating. Id give it a 4 out of 5.

-Great hospitality
-Breathtaking scenery
-Convinience (Did i mention it has a gym?)

-The too usual food
-The long buffet breakfast wait
(Waited a few minutes just to get myself some fresh baked waffles. Actually this problem is caused by some people taking EXTRA slices of waffles. No Fair!!)

Great place for a holiday? Defienetely.

The Babbler

More pics at my Facebook profile, search up my email.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Social Updates of The World #4

PMR is over!

Yes, I know, it is just another stepping stone towards real life challenges. But hey, when one is free- celebration is a must. Ill put up a review about a certain hotel I went to recently before the last day of my exams on Monday, with pictures uploaded to my Facebook account in which I will give you the link. Along with the how to ollie video soon. The rap article is once again postponed due to the fact that all the rappers in the world.. doesnt want to talk to me. What the heck. Ill keep searching if you all keep waiting, aight! So wait for tomorrow. The review is almost ready. :D

Thanks for visiting again!

The Babbler.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Social Updates of The World #3

I decided to make up a logo for the Babbler.. This pretty much came up. XD

PS; I drew this on one of my PMR Papers..

The Babbler

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Special Information Update of The World! #1


Everton F.C VS Liverpool F.C

Match ended 2-0 to Liverpool's favour.

Everton F.C: None
Liverpool F.C: Carrol, Suarez

Match Analysis:

After a (VERY) long wait, the time has come. Andy Carrol scored!!

First things first. First half. Few chances from either side. After a tackle on Suarez, Everton player Rodwell got a controversial red card. Few minutes later, another foul on Suarez but this time, was by Cahill inside the box. The penalty however, was saved by the Everton goalkeeper. A final try by Charlie Adam hit the bar.

Second half. Everton kept fighting with ten men and had no signs of losing. Tries after tries followed by Saha and Fellaini, but to no avail. Denther went in to add spice to Everton's game. However, a beautiful set up by Bellamy (who was put in with Gerrard to replace Adam and Downing) to Jose Enrique who then crossed over to Carrol through a dummy Kuyt managed to seperate the two teams. Later on a defensive mistake allowed Suarez to lead his team 2-0.

I just HAD to post this up! Carrol scored, and it is a BIG reason to celebrate. By the way, theres only 3 days left, so the next update would be on the 10th of October. Thanks, readers.

The Babbler

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Social Updates of The World #2

The countdown continues, as the pressure builds up. PMR is right around the corner. 6 more days, to all of the candidates of the exam. This will be my last post before the exam, so the Liverpool match next week will not be updated into my blog. Wish me luck, readers. :)

The Babbler.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Information Updates of The World #4

This week's Liverpool match:

Liverpool F.C VS Wolverhampton Wanderers

Match ended 2-1 to Liverpool's favour.

Liverpool F.C: Johnson (O.G), Suarez
Wolverhampton Wonderers: Fletcher

Match Analysis

A win after 2 losses for Liverpool, an honour recovery. A sure miss try or maybe a lost cause cross from Charlie Adam managed to hit Johnson's head as the defender was trying to clear the ball above the bar. The misdirected ball went on to trick the Wolverhampton goalkeeper, getting Liverpool in front early in the game.

Few minutes later, Suarez got a goal after a brilliant run, with calls from the opposite team saying that it was offside. The linesman however, played on and Suarez did another fine performance to finish his work.

A goal by Fletcher at the start of the second half was not enough for the visiting team to take a point out of the match.

Liverpool fought valiantly, but if it wasnt because of the mistake by Johnson, they still would be at a low state. Liverpool F.C is currently in 5th place, and closing to their target, to get a top 4 position.

Hooray for Liverpool! :D

The Babbler.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Social Updates of The World #1

15 days. Thats all the time I got before a serious exam of mine is to be faced. PMR or Penilaian Menengah Rendah, is the bridge for some students to go to boarding school. I, though, am only facing it because. So I hope I can get the encouragement by all readers out there. Pray for me to pass with flying colours. :) Thanks for reading and visiting.

The Babbler.

Information Updates of The World #3

I dont feel like writing one today, but its my responsibility. I guess its part of the cons of a blog. :(

Tottenham FC VS Liverpool FC

Match ended 4-0 to Tottenham's favour (Urrgh..)

Tottenham: Adebayor (2), Modric, Defoe
Liverpool: As usual, none.

Match details:

Can it go worse for the Kops? Apparently yes. 2 red cards and 2 yellow cards collected by Charlie Adam, Martin Skrtel, Suarez and debutant Sebastien Coates respectively. A chest injury to Daniel Agger makes it even worse. On the contrary, 2 debut goals by Adebayor for Tottenham. Suarez's goal dismissed due to an offside. Carroll still failing to score. Bellamy not put on. Unbelievably horrid day. Great day for Tottenham fans though.

I hate this article.


The Babbler.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Information Updates of The World #2

Stoke City VS Liverpool FC

Match ended 1-0 to Stoke City's favour (Darn..)

Stoke City:
Liverpool FC: None

Match analysis:

A first half penalty caused by Jamie Carragher got the home team up. A spirited Liverpool kept fighting but could not get a goal. Calls for a handball was called at least twice in the home team's penalty box, though not given by the assistant referee although replay views showed that it indeed was a handball. Suarez however failed to score in the chance of a lifetime when goalkeeper Begovic of Stoke City made a mistake by attempting to clear the ball but ended up in Suarez's feet instead. The Urugayan striker however mis-shot and the ball skidded past the right post.

Liverpool's last minute signing Craig Bellamy from Manchester City shone on his debut. After leaving Anfield once, he returns as a substitute, and a really big asset for Kenny Daglish with his final moment performance. He is almost for sure to be a first team man in the future.

Stoke City were for an hour the best defenders in the world. They crowded the penalty box, allowing no shots to be made, including a try from Andy Carrol. Signings for Tottenham such as Palacios proved to be a great addition to the team.

I, as a Liverpool fan, feel dissapointed on the result. Liverpool failed to continue their unbeaten streak, mirroring the achievement of the Potteries. May Kenny Daglish find a way to fix their weaknesses, and get back up to fight their next opponent, Tottenham FC.

Kudos, and about the update about "Rap" I am sorry to inform that I would have to delay it for about another month due to my examinations. Yes, I am still just another student. :D I would still be updating some information updates about Liverpool FC. Thanks for visiting.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Inconvenience Report

Very sorry to inform- I have been facing a few minor setbacks, forcing me to postpone my next article on the "rap" title. As everyone knows that the Raya holidays just recently passed, the participation in those holidays kinda slowed down my progress. Anyways, to everyone reading this Have a happy Eid, and a nice holiday. :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Finger boarding: A new sport? Or a new toy?

          Fingerboards. The new toy for all ages. One can do flips, tricks, jumps and all moves that can be done on a real skateboard. The only difference is: You are using your fingers instead of your feet.
          Fingerboards are designed based on their bigger versions. They have grip tapes, trucks, wheels, and even custom or preset graphic design. Fingerboards are known for their exact design as the original boards, and by that allows people to do the same tricks as well. For example: the ollie, kickflip, and the 360 flip are tricks adapted from the original sized skateboards, while some other tricks like the Impossible are tricks edited for the usage of fingerboards only. 
          These toys are also widely known as Tech Decks. The truth is, Tech Deck is actually just another  company that makes fingerboards. It is most probably the biggest company to do so. There are other places where one can make custom boards and designs. Tech Deck is more widely known because it features brands on their fingerboards. Skate brands such as Plan B, Element, World Industries and Habitat are available. They each have their own unique designs, and prices may vary due to some being mass produced while some, limited.
         Fingerboards are one of the latest trends for teenagers. Due to the unavailability of real skateparks in some areas, Fingerboards and their own skateparks are used to replicate the real thing, and offer the same experience on fingers. 
          Fingerboards can be found at most toy shops, Target stores and Walmart. Net shops such as Ebay and Amazon also sell these fingerboards.
          So how about it? Ready to do some awesome tricks and flips?

-Coming up: Videos on how to do an Ollie, the most basic trick on skateboards!

*Picture courtesy of

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Information Updates of The World

I forgot to mention in my last post- I would be updating the blog with news particularly about my favourite soccer team- Liverpool FC and sometimes about my favourite basketball team- Miami Heat. My national team updates are also posted from time to time, depending on my ability to get on the web. Sometimes its not that easy. :P

Anyways, an update for the recently finished Liverpool game at Anfield:-

Liverpool F.C VS Bolton Wanderers F.C

Match ended 3-1 to Liverpool's favour (YES! :D)

Liverpool F.C- Jordan Henderson, Martin Skrtel, Charlie Adam
Bolton Wanderers- Ivan Klasnic

A first half goal by Henderson got the home team up front for a comfortable half time, only threatened by a few tries from the visiting team.

A more vibrant second half ensued when Martin Skrtel, a replacement to an injured Martin Kelly, scored a beautiful header from a corner kick cross. Not more than 5 minutes later Charlie Adam got his team into a 3 goal lead cushion with a beautiful run and finish. Ivan Klasnic managed to slot in a goal after a small slop by Jamie Carragher who's attempt to clear the ball went in vain due to the alert goalscorer.

Overall, Liverpool was once again the best team with Suarez and Kuyt leading the attack. Andy Carrol was brought in to replace Suarez but could not provide a goal or a good opportunity to the team as much as Suarez did. Still recovering? Bolton on the other hand was not as impressive as they were in their match against Manchester City but showed fighting spirit to get a consolation goal and set a lower goal difference.

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Welcome to The World Prologue

This blog is updated once a week due to an obstruction on the usage of my computer, and so that I have enough time to gather information.
Anyways, as a start to the blog, I will update it twice this week. The topics that would be discussed are about fingerboarding/ fingerskate, and rap in the hip hop culture. Tune in to read all about it! :)
See you soon.

-The Blabbler-

Update #1 (2nd of September, 2011)

Look forward to the next update:

- Coverage on Hip Hop
- Interview with an upcoming rap artist
- New changes to the blog

      Get ready! My real first post would be- or should be- interesting. A coverage on my own favourite topic- Hip Hop! A friend of mine, an upcoming rap artist, would be interviewed for his views on the Hip Hop culture.
     More gadgets would also be added, including the creation of a Facebook and Skype account, specially made for The World.
     Look forward to updating the blog next week! See you soon!

-The Blabbler-

Welcome to The World

The world starts with an introduction. Why not mine? Im The Babbler or Babble for short. Ill post here anonymously, for sometimes my posts might not fit in into each human's minds. Ill try to avoid that. Anyways, this blog is dedicated to them who are living in their own style- be it Freerunners, Rappers, Dancers, we all have a dream. Lets follow them, and may it lead to a happy and non-boring life afterwards. I have my own dream, for instance. Though that is not an importance. May you have an enjoyable reading from hereafter: and may you find this site helpful to yourself. Thanks for visiting.

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