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Monday, 21 November 2011

Harimau Muda Updates #1

Win!! The SEA Games football medal is ours!!

Malaysia VS Indonesia

Venue: Jakarta

Match ended 1-1 after extra time, Malaysia win on penalties 4-3.

Malaysia: Asraruddin
Indonesia: Gunawan

Match Analysis:

First half was a domination by Indonesia. Their first and only goal was at the 5th minute mark with a corner ended with a header. A slack manmarking error allowed for such an easy goal. Asraruddin hit back with a very, very low header to score through 2 defenders. Beautiful goal indeed. Malaysia fought well during the second half of the first half.

Second half was opened with Indonesia attacking relentlessly through Bonai and Octo. Fakri wasted some chances but managed to hit a few shots on target. Irfan was also a man to watch. The half was filled with tries, but no goals were produced.

Extra time was also uneventful with major chances for Indonesia. Many crams and rolling on the floor: Usual for men fighting for 120 minutes.

Penalties were extremely nervewrecking. First a post miss by Indonesia, followed by a saved shot of Fakri. The tiebreaker was a save from Khairul Fahmi, and a shot almost saved from Baddrol Bakhtiar, captain of Harimau Muda.

Fighting till the end, very competitive match. Frustated to see Indonesian fans disrespecting the Negaraku anthem by using blowhorns: though silenced during the prize awarding ceremony. Good and well deserved win for Malaysia. Indonesia depended on one man skill, though Malaysia's beautiful passing and teamwork game got the better of them. Tahniah, Harimau Muda, Tahniah Baddrol, Tahniah Khairul, Tahniah Ong Kim Swee. Tahniah.

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