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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Liverpool F.C Updates #8

Liverpool F.C VS Manchester City

Barclay's Premier League

Location: Anfield
Status: Full time
Result: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City
Liverpool F.C: O.G Lescott
Manchester City: Vincent Kompany

A red card for Ballotelli as well as a clinging performance by City.

Match Analysis:

An exciting kickoff. Both teams were set to defensive much to City fans' surprise. Dzeko and Ballotelli did not start, but Nasri, Aguero and Silva were given a place to start up City's attacks. Liverpool once again left Carrol on the bench with Bellamy withdrawn after the devastating death of Gary Speed. May his soul rest in peace. Kuyt was given an opportunity to start with Suarez, and all new signings were given a chance such as Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam. Lucas is also already a first team regular.

The game started with Liverpool attacking alot. Both teams constantly had men behind the ball, rendering counter attacks by City to ashes that ended up only with shots on target. Aguero got a run but a rushing Reina way out his box saved the day. City got the first goal through a corner that ended up on Vincent Kompany's head due to slack defending by Johnson and Kuyt. Liverpool didnt take long to respond with a wayward shot by Adam, which was steered into his own net by Lescott in an attempt to clear the ball out. No more was seen of both teams except a few tries that ended up nowhere.

After half time, Liverpool started to control the ball after a series of attack by City early in the second half. Runs from Enrique, Adam and Suarez always ended up with dismay. Suarez was again the man to watch by almost scoring twice. Reina did his runs as well. Joe Hart did a brilliant job as a goalkeeper, saving tons of tries from the home team. Ballotelli and Dzeko was then brought on. Ballotelli got 2 yellow cards for tugging and pushing: an addition to Mancini's already brewing anger. The match ended after a series of Liverpool tries as well as a saved Carrol header destined for goal. It was a deserved draw for Liverpool, and a half upset for City.

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