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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Game Reviews of The World #1

Gunz Online

This Ijji game did not fail my expectations, but maybe because I already expected lowly of this game. From screenshots and videos, this game was kinda dull, boring, with a lot of acrobatic jumps and rolls. Well, I was wrong mostly, and this game was not that boring to begin with.

Gameplay is basically the deathmatch type, the "reset score after each match" type, although the level and money of a player is carried on forever, kills arent recorded after each match. There are two types of gameplay -Deathmatch, varying from single or team deathmatch, and -Quest, in which you have to kill lots of orcs, goblins and trolls, co-oping with other players. After reaching level 6, I played in 3 maps- and those maps were the only ones available. Now, the fight. Basically, its just like playing any FPS game, except that its in third person. The crosshair is still there though you wouldnt be using it much, because of the random shooting you would be doing. Double clicking a direction button -AWSD would cause you to make an acrobatic move towards that direction, enabling you to shoot and avoid bullets at the same time. This actually makes the game laggy and chaotic, seeing everyone jumping here and there. You can also actually run on walls and jump off walls too. After playing for about 4 sessions, I got kinda bored and moved on to another game XD. The game still intrigues me to play, but very rarely. Glitches... Tons of them. Just wiki it. Youll find ALOT of glitches, all can be used to benefit the player. As I said, random shooting would result in you killing another player with a headshot sometimes.

The graphics in this game was not bad, nor was it good. Improvement is necessary to attract more serious gamers to try out these games.

Weapons and armor
You start with a default character, wearing a singlet (male- I dunno about the females) and some trackbottoms. No shoes. You can start with either 2 uzis, single uzi and a pistol, 2 pistols (Modern), 2 pistols (Traditional), 1 pistol of each type, all accompanied by either a katana (Uzis) or a dagger (pistols). Being a RPG style game, one can purchase better weapons and armor. After playing 4 sessions, I managed to buy a shotgun and rifle. The shotgun was quite lame in my opinion, speed is essential, and the shotgun fails big time. The rifle was more accurate than the uzis, therefore I paired them both. One can equip 2 weapons and a melee weapon. Money is easy to make, if you know how to really jump and shoot at the same time.

The starting menu was easy and straightforward- simples stuff for newbies. Very easy to navigate, very helpful, quite nice, not bad for a RPG menu. A little bit dull, but nice overall.


Overall, everything was quite ok. Not too bad, not too good, more 50/50. I love the ways one can jump around, but hate the fact that it was glitchy, laggy and chaotic. Maybe by making the maximum players per game a little lower, this can all be fixed. Nice try by Ijji, looking forward to review more games from them. Bet on it.

I would reccomend new players to choose the double Uzi- makes it easier for one to shoot and have some ammo ready for fighting. This game is REALLY easy to master, once you have ok-ok hand eye coordination. Jumping around makes you half invincible, but still open to damage once you start to land. I would reccomend this game to everyone. Pro to Noobs, all can play this game, and this could actually be a platform for one to jump into the wide range of FPS games in the world.

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