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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Finger boarding: A new sport? Or a new toy?

          Fingerboards. The new toy for all ages. One can do flips, tricks, jumps and all moves that can be done on a real skateboard. The only difference is: You are using your fingers instead of your feet.
          Fingerboards are designed based on their bigger versions. They have grip tapes, trucks, wheels, and even custom or preset graphic design. Fingerboards are known for their exact design as the original boards, and by that allows people to do the same tricks as well. For example: the ollie, kickflip, and the 360 flip are tricks adapted from the original sized skateboards, while some other tricks like the Impossible are tricks edited for the usage of fingerboards only. 
          These toys are also widely known as Tech Decks. The truth is, Tech Deck is actually just another  company that makes fingerboards. It is most probably the biggest company to do so. There are other places where one can make custom boards and designs. Tech Deck is more widely known because it features brands on their fingerboards. Skate brands such as Plan B, Element, World Industries and Habitat are available. They each have their own unique designs, and prices may vary due to some being mass produced while some, limited.
         Fingerboards are one of the latest trends for teenagers. Due to the unavailability of real skateparks in some areas, Fingerboards and their own skateparks are used to replicate the real thing, and offer the same experience on fingers. 
          Fingerboards can be found at most toy shops, Target stores and Walmart. Net shops such as Ebay and Amazon also sell these fingerboards.
          So how about it? Ready to do some awesome tricks and flips?

-Coming up: Videos on how to do an Ollie, the most basic trick on skateboards!

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